Inland Empire Mixed Use Commercial Redevelopment

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Bridge is acquiring a vacant commercial property and redeveloping it into a mixed use office/retail development.  An Institutional credit tenant has signed a long term lease for the office building.

 Villa Riviera Estates – Santa Barbara, CA 2011 - Present

Bridge was engaged by the Cottage Health System (“Cottage”), a regional hospital and health care system in Santa Barbara County to provide consultation regarding compliance with the local inclusionary housing ordinance and DRE condominium map processing for a work force housing development near the main hospital in the system.  Bridge also assisted Cottage to obtain a Project Wrap Around Liability Insurance policy with a 10 year tail to protect against potential construction defect litigation.  Mr. Bridge was then asked to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the corporation formed to undertake the housing development to provide strategic advice during the construction and sales of the housing.  He is currently serving on the Board of Directors.

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Unincorporated Los Angeles County, Commercial Property Entitlements – 2015

Bridge was engaged to research the zoning code for a specific used identified by the client.  Bridge was then asked to evaluate the feasibility of re-zoning the property to allow the use on the property which required a different zoning.  After attending a “One Stop” meeting of all County departments with the client, Bridge made a land use recommendation that was pursued by the client. 

Mission Viejo, CA - 2014

Bridge was engaged by the owner of a commercial retail property to remove the property from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood plain map.  Bridge personnel conducted field inspections, oversaw the survey process, filed the necessary application forms with FEMA, and conducted technical communications with FEMA personnel to successfully remove the property from the flood plain map.  Bridge then coordinated with the property lender and insurance carrier to eliminate the flood insurance requirement, reducing property operating costs and increasing the property value by 20 times the annual insurance savings. 

Mixed Use Property – Los Angeles, CA 2005

Utilizing the recently created Adaptive Reuse Ordinance (ARO), Bridge oversaw the design and land use consultant team to obtain approval for the adaptive reuse of a commercial building into a mixed use (residential over ground floor retail).  The ARO was obtained in six months from application to approval.